How to make a Mad Eye Moody costume?

Harry Potter movies and books have been around for a few years now, and one of the most popular costume ideas for children. In the Goblet of Fire Mad Eye Moody makes his first appearance, and in subsequent books he reappears. The newest movie based on the 6th book, will be coming out in July making the Mad Eye Moody Costume something to consider for costume parties for the year. There are instructions and other information below to help create the Mad Eye Moody costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Mad Eye Moody Mask

* Mad Eye Moody eye

* Black pants

* Black shirt

* Trench coat

* Wand


Step 1: Some of the items mentioned above must be bought in order to make the costume. For example it is best to get the latex mask with roving eye in order to give the perfect appearance. The other items may be made or even in your own closet.

Step 2: The black pants should be more of a Goth appearance with plenty of pockets, chain, and other trappings. The shirt can be a long sleeve or short sleeve affair it doesn’t matter overmuch.

Step 3: The trench coat should be a dirty brown with plenty of pockets as well. You should be able to find something at a thrift shop.

Step 4: The wand can be any piece of wood you pick up from your backyard. It should be smoothed and more of a branch than anything else.

Step 5: Add some shoes and a struggling gait and you are ready to be Mad Eye Moody for when the new movie arrives in theatres.

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