How to make a MacGruber SNL Costume

MacGruber is the latest in a long line of SNL characters to finally get his own film. A parody of television action hero, MacGuyver, MacGruber makes “life saving innovations out of household materials” saving the day in the nick of time. While you’re on your own to get a super-cool, shooting orange flames backdrop behind you at all times, here’s how you can do your own DIY MacGruber costume.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blonde mullet wig

* Flannel shirt

* White longsleeved Henley shirt

* Tan utility vest

* Brown belt

* Jeans

* Work boots

* A variety of household items, wires, etc. and/or a can of Pepsi

* (OPTIONAL) Brown eyeliner pencil for drawing on stubble

##Putting together your MacGruber SNL Costume##

Step 1: Put on your blonde mullet wig. If you’re stuck for a wig, pick up a long, wavy blonde wig and cut it to your specifications, slicking back the sides for a late ’80s semi-mullet look.

Step 2: Layer your longsleeved flannel shirt over the top of your longsleeved white henley tshirt. Push up the sleeves of your henley and roll up your flannel so that a bit of white sleeve peeks through.

Step 3: Swing on your utility vest or fishing vest.

Step 4: Put on your jeans and tuck your shirts into them, belting them with the brown belt.

Step 5: Put on a pair of socks and workboots to complete the look.

Step 6: If you don’t feel like growing out some stubble, you can add a dash of instant-manly by stippling on some eyeliner pencil on your upper lip and jawline.

Step 7: Have some fun with your props. Grab a can of Pepsi or some regular old household objects that you can use to diffuse a bomb or create a lifesaving device. MacGruber!!!

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