How to make a Living Statue costume

You’ve seen them at haunted houses, in botanical gardens, and even casinos to spice up the decor and occassionally interact with patrons. Living statues can be beautiful, or completely creepy, depending on how you want to design the costume. Best of all, they’re fairly simple to make!

##Things You’ll Need##

* White cream makeup

* White spray paint

* White dress or tunic

* White sheets or fabric

* White wig OR

* Headpiece that can be spraypainted white

* White sandals OR sandals and white shoe polish

* PROPS: Any combination of a jug, urn, spear, sword, shield, helmet, or breastplate — all spray painted white

##Putting together your Living Statue Costume##

Step 1: Develop your costume idea. Wearing an all white ensemble and draping a bright white sheet over it in soft, toga-like folds helps to make for the most convincing look.

Step 2: Put on a wig or a headdress to match your costume spraypainted white. You can put on a rolled headdress, white wig or even a Roman helmet spraypainted white to add to this look.

Step 3: Put on a layer of white cream makeup. Apply the makeup in thin layers for a more convincing look. To get the best look for a living statues, several thin layers works better than one, thick glopped on layer that skin can show through.

Step 4: Get a friend to help you with applying makeup to any exposed skin in the same manner.

Step 5: Put on a pair of sandals spraypainted white, or forgo the sandals if your tunic and the folds of your costume cover your feet.

Step 6: Add some props to give your costume character. Think of using a white urn or vase, or for a Roman or Spartan look, put on a breastplate of armor over your costume and add a spear, shield, or sword to your look. Spraypaint them white beforehand and allow them to dry.

Step 6: Practice standing still for long periods of time, or striking character appropriate poses for your costume. You can have a great time fooling people that you’re an inanimate object before springing to life!

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