How to make a Leprechaun costume

A Leprechaun is a small magical being, normally thought of as green or wearing green with gold sprinkled around them. If you are looking to create your own costume this year then you might want to continue reading below for the things you will need and the instructions on how to make a leprechaun.

## Things You Will Need: ##

* Green suit

* Gold sequins

* Green hat with four leaf clover

* Pot of gold

* Black shoes with gold buckle

* Walking stick

* Pointy ears

## Instructions: ##

A Leprechaun is a vertically challenged creature! However, anyone can be a leprechaun if you really wish to. The first thing you must do is have a suit. If you can’t get the green suit than a black suit will suffice as they have been seen in black as well. The suit should be full of sparkly with replaced gold sequins and glitter.

The green hat will complete the suit making it apparent that you are a leprechaun. The shoes can be created out of tennis shoes with a fake gold buckle on the shoe laces. In myths the shoes are always black with the gold buckles.

The walking stick will be used to help you get around and use your magic during the night. Remember in one hand the pot of gold that you must keep away from those chasing you should be present. A pot of gold can be a spoof such as a box of the chocolates or you can have a cauldron full of fake coin.

The last bit of the Leprechaun is the pointed ears. Like most creatures in mythology the Leprechaun is seen as a type of elf with the pointed ears. You can use stage makeup or purchase the ears at the store.

Above everything the Leprechaun is a trickster so you must have the right demeanour to pull of the costume you have created.

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