How to make a Lafayette (True Blood) costume

If you’re a fan of HBO’s vampire drama, “True Blood,” it’s impossible not to love Lafayette. He’s the openly gay, blood-dealing short-order cook at Merlotte’s. As Tara’s cousin, he’s a loyal friend to her and to Sookie Stackhouse, often providing a shoulder to cry on. Even under the most dire circumstances, Lafayette is a force to be reckoned with and still looks fierce! Check out how to make your own Lafayette costume:

##Things you’ll need##

* Tank top

* Eyeliner

* Cook apron

* Nail polish

* Bling chains

* Dark purple lipstick

* Cargo pants

* Do rag and/or gaudy Trucker cap

* Vial of blood

##Putting together your Lafayette (True Blood) costume##

Step 1: Put on a stylish ‘do rag over your head. You may or may not want to top it off with a gaudy Trucker cap in a bright color.

Step 2: Line your eyes with black eyeliner, rimming the inner and outer corners of the inside of your lids.

Step 3: Pull on a tank top with straps. You may want a thinner, more spaghetti-strap style, or a men’s style with thinner straps than the traditional tank top.

Step 4: Add some bling necklaces around your neck. Lafayette loves to call attention to his wardrobe!

Step 5: Put on a pair of baggy cargo pants. If you’re feeling really daring, put on a long skirt or tunic over the top of them like Lafayette wore once or twice.

Step 6: Put on a cook’s apron you can wear it around your neck or tie it around your waist like a skirt.

Step 7: Paint your nails a bright color like turquoise.

Step 8: Use some fun props to spice up your look, like a vial of blood, perfect for peddling to the townsfolk of Bon Temps.

Step 9: Slick on some purple lipstick and serve that food with a smile… And those customers better smile back… Or else!

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