How to make a Kitten costume?

Kittens are very cute and fuzzy. They make the perfect costume for infants through younger children. You can even make a sexy kitten if you wish for an adult. In this section we will offer materials and steps to make your own Kitten costume if you don’t find buying one up your alley.

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of kitten you wish to be. You have tom cats, black kittens, Persians, Himalayans, and many other kitten breeds. We are going for a black kitten since that is a favorite at Halloween, but remember the material can be anything you wish.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black fleece material

* Sewing machine

* Sewing pattern

* Headband

* Glue gun

* Black shoes


Step 1: In this step you already have the materials listed above. So you need to take the black fleece material and cut out the pattern to sew it together. Depending on the pattern you found you could make a jumpsuit style or a two piece outfit. For littler children a two piece outfit is always best because it is easier to get out of when needed. The fleece material will be like fur. This is why we didn’t just send you for a black pant suit. It would not have been kitten enough. Kittens have the softest fur.

Step 2: Once the main body of the kitten is complete you can start working on the accessories to make the kitten. Rather than buying gloves you can use the fleece to create paws. In fact the best option is to double line the fleece to make the paws warmer.

Step 3: To go with step 2 you will need to create a kitten tail. The tail should be long enough to be visible, but you don’t want to drag it on the ground all night either. The tail can be made with the fleece by taking extra material and sewing it in an oblong rounded shape and folded at the end. Then you can sew that on to the pants.

Step 4: All that is left is the kitten face and head. You will definitely need ears. So taking the headband you will use the leftover fleece material to make black ears. They will need to be triangle shape. If you wish you can get a little pink material to go inside the ear. Pipe cleaners can be used to offer the ears stability. Then glue the ears to the headband. Lastly, you will need face paint to create the kitten nose and whiskers on your face.

By adding warm black shoes you now have the perfect Kitten!

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