How to make a Katy Perry California Gurls costume

The summer may be over, but a Katy Perry California Gurls costume may be the thing to bring the heat for Halloween. Make your own replica of Katy’s cupcake bra and glittering Daisy Dukes with these simple tips:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long wavy Blue wig with bangs

* Headband

* Purple or blue satin fabric (less than a yard)

* Needle and thread

* Cotton batting OR

* Thick piece of styrofoam

* Exacto knife

* Blue acrylic paint

* Blue glitter

* Super Glue

* Turquoise bra or bikini top

* 2 {Cupcake fairy wants)

* Hot glue or Crazy Glue

* Cutoff denim shorts

* Turquoise glitter paint

* Paintbrush

* False eyelashes

* Pink lipstick

* Bronzer or tanning cream

* Glitter high heels

* OPTIONAL: Suntan pantyhose

##Putting together your Katy Perry California Gurls costume##

Step 1: Put on a blue wig

Step 2: You can pick up a plain headband and make your own heart to add to the top part of it. You can either cut out two heart shapes from blue or purple satin, stuff it with cotton batting and sew them together with needle and thread, affixing it to your headband. Or, you can cut a heart shape out of styrofoam with an Exacto knife, paint it blue and sprinkle it with blue glitter before glueing it to your headband.

Step 3: Pick up a turquoise blue bra. You’ll want one with a lot of coverage and one you can easily affix two cupcakes to.

Step 4: Use your Exacto knife to cut the cupcakes off of the top of the two Cupcake Wands and use Super Glue or needle and thread to stick one cupcake to each bra cup.

Step 5: Get an old pair of cut off jeans and turn them into a sparkling pair of Daisy Dukes! Paint them with a coat of glitter paint or fabric paint and sprinkle turquoise glitter over the top. Allow one side to dry and then paint the other side.

Step 6: OPTIONAL: put on a pair of suntan pantyhose (which will keep you warmer if you’re not one of those West Coast girls!)

Step 7: Put on your now dry glitter Daisy Dukes over your pantyhose.

Step 8: Put on your cupcake bra.

Step 9: Slide on a pair of {glitter high heels).

Step 8: Put on a pair of false eyelashes and slick on a shade of candy pink lipstick to finish off a look that’s so hot it will melt your popsicle! If you want, you can also accessorize your look with a fun, oversized lollipop!

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