How to make a Kate Austen from LOST costume

LOST’s Kate Austen is played by actress Evangeline Lilly. Kate has been put through the ringer on and off the island, having lead a life of crime. She was on her way to being hauled to court and possibly jail when Oceanic 815 crashed. While on the island, she redeemed herself, never really having been a bad person in the first place. Kate was instrumental in leading her fellow Lostaways to survival. She and several others returned to the island to save some of their friends. Her nickname as given to her by Sawyer is “Freckles.”

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long brown curly wig

* Tan lip liner pencil

* Bikini

* Cargo pants

* Tank top

* Handcuffs

* OPTIONAL Baby doll

* OPTIONAL Licence plate

##Putting together your Kate Austen from LOST costume##

Step 1: Put on a long brown curly wig.

Step 2: Put on a bikini… You’ll never know what waterfall you just may have to wade through!

Step 3: Slide on a pair of utility cargo pants and a functional tank top over your bikini for exploring the island!!

Step 4: Clip a pair of handcuffs to your belt loops. Kate’s never without a pair!

Step 5: Use your tan lip liner pencil to stipple on some “freckles” on your face, across the bridge of your nose and cheeks. How do you think Kate got her nickname!?!

Step 6: Pick up a baby doll to carry around with you, kind of like little Aaron, Claire Littleton‘s son who Kate took care of when she escaped from the island.

Step 7: Pick up a license plate or two, or use a replica if you can find one. Kate kept a collection of license plates from states she had visited. And it’s also a humorous nod to her criminal past.

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