How to make a Julia Child costume

Long before Gordon Ramsay, television had chef Julia Child whose easily accessible manner and love of French cuisine made her an instant hit with audiences. The new film, “Julie and Julia” tells the story of Julia Child’s influence as a woman named Julie makes her way through the beloved cook’s recipe book and finds herself in the process.

You might not be able to cook like Julia (okay, you might be able to if you follow some of her delicious recipes!), but you CAN dress like the likable, sometimes clumsy cook with a distinctive, upper crust Boston accent. (Fun fact: Yep, Julia Child loved her French food, but her accent was 100% American!) Just a hint, however, you will likely need very high heels to attain Julia Child’s statuesque (and unusually tall) height for a woman of 6’2″!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Short wig in a brown, curled style

* Blue or green button down shirt or blouse

* Black pencil skirt

* Pearl necklace

* Pearl earrings

* High heels

* Button pin (or circular sticker)

* Apron (tied around waist)

* Rolling pin

* Holiday Turkey Hat – used as a prop on a dish

##Putting together your Julia Child costume##

Step 1: Put on a short, curly brown wig in Julia’s no-fuss, simple yet elegant hairstyle she sported for her 40+ years in television kitchens!

Step 2: Put on a blue or green button down shirt and neatly tuck it into a black pencil skirt.

Step 3: Tie a black or white apron around your waist.

Step 4: Julia knew it was all about the little details. To add a feminine touch to her usually no-frills approach to casual cooking, Julia was often seen wearing a pearl necklace and matching pearl stud earrings. To get this look, we recommend the 50s Pearl Necklace and Earring Set.

Step 5: Add another distinctive, Julia Child touch to your costume with a button-style pin or sticker adhered to your blouse that says “I <3 Cooking”… Or whatever it said on the familiar decoration Julia often wore!

Step 6: Put on a pair of stacked heels to get close to Julia’s height.

Step 7: Grab a rolling pin from your own kitchen and pick up a Holiday Turkey Hat as a cooked turkey prop to cart around on a plate with you…. Just don’t drop it!

Step 8: Watch a few episodes of vintage Julia in action in the kitchen and bone up on the correct pronunciation of her signature phrase: “Bon Appetite!”

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