How to make a judge costume?

Judges are not always the most popular costumes for Halloween, but if you want to serve justice this year we have a few tips on how you can make your own Judge costume. There have been many judges in history, but we are going to go for the staple with the black gown.

## Things you will need: ##

* Black gown

* White wig

* Folders, files, and even a bible if you wish

* Dress shoes

* Suit for underneath the gown or dress depending on gender

## Instructions: ##

A judge in movies and on television is often seen in the black robe or gown much like the one you wear to graduation. If you still have your old gown that will be great as that means you don’t have to make your own. You can also borrow a black graduating gown from a friend or get on at a second hand store if need be. This is the most essential part of the costume. You can have the other pieces, but no one will really know what you are trying for.

The suit or dress just adds professionalism to the costume, but is not necessary. You can always wear warmer clothing underneath the gown. The only thing that will be seen is the collar of the shirt and the tie. So that should at least be there. The shoes should be professional looking as well, but warm and comfortable depending on where you will be for Halloween.

Carrying files, folders, and even a bible can help you look official as though you are going to the court room. It is up to you as these are not needed when you have the white wig and the gown. The wigs have been dispensed in the US as fashionable items, but it does help make your case as a judge.

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