How to make a joker costume?

Someone wanting to portray the Joker on Halloween should have no trouble with the costume. A purple man’s suit (not bright purple, but rather more of a maroon color) and a green fright wig or temporarily dyed green hair, along with some make-up are all that is needed.

Items You Will Need:

– Purple man’s suit (pants, shirt, jacket, vest)

– Purple and green polka-dotted neck tie (if you can’t find one like this, simply purchase a purple tie that will match the suit. You can attach green polka-dots to that.)

– Black dress shoes

– White gloves

– Green fright wig or spray-on temporary hair dye

– White face paint or theatrical make-up or white powder, black eyebrow pencil, black eyeliner, purple lipstick


Look for a purple man’s suit and purple and green or purple neck tie (see Items You Will Need) at a thrift store or second hand shop. The lapels on the jacket should be rather wide and the shoulders should be padded if possible.

The wearer’s hair wants to be slicked straight back from the front of the head. So, either style the wig so that it does this, or use a hair product such as gel or wax to style natural hair. Use the temporary spray hair dye AFTER styling the hair.

Coat the entire face and neck with white face paint or theatrical make-up or powder. Outline the top and bottom of the eyes heavily with the eyeliner and use the eyebrow pencil to make the brows extremely dark.

Put on the purple lipstick, extending the color past the normal lip line. Draw a thin line, using the point of the lipstick, extending from the edges of the lips on either side to about halfway onto the cheeks.

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