How to make a John and Kate couple’s costume

They’re everywhere! On TV or at the supermarket checkout line on the cover of every tabloid. They’re John and Kate Gosselin and they’re famous for having eight kids. Recently, John’s been accused of making a new, 23-year-old friend who isn’t Kate and Kate, having tired of shrieking at John and embarking on numerous book tours has been assisting in the media’s bombardment of the public at large with all things John and Kate.

If your marriage or relationship is steadier than John and Kate’s, grab your significant other and get big laughs with this DIY John and Kate couple’s costume idea!

##Things You’ll Need##


* Mood swing wig in blonde

* Scissors

* Mousse or gel

* Light brown magic marker

* Spray tan (in a bottle)

* Pastel colored dress

* Treat bag of organic food

* Book

* Blackberry

* Fake press-on nails (French manicure)


* Hair plugs wig

* Black hairspray coloring

* Button down shirt

* Sweater vest

* Jeans

* Unfolded wallet with 8 kids pictures unrolled

* Inflatable doll

##Putting together your John and Kate couple’s costume##

Step 1: Ladies (or gentlemen, if you want to do a humorous role reversal!) pick up the Mood Swing wig in blonde with a bob style and longer on one side than the other. It’s already in two-tone shades of blonde, but if you want to, add some light brown low-lights with a brown magic marker.

Step 2: Take your scissors and cut the hair at the back of the wig so that it’s spikey. Add some mousse to add some texture and volume.

Step 3: Do your makeup and put on a pastel colored dress.

Step 4 Add some accessories like a book (with your own homemade cover), a Blackberry, and a bag full of organic food. Practice shrieking “Joohhhhhnn!!” at the top of your lungs for maximum effect.

Step 5: Guys (or ladies), get into costume with a Hair Plugs wig. Grab some black spray-in hair color and carefully add it to the wig to give that “fresh from the doctor” look.

Step 6: Put on a button-down shirt with an argyle sweater vest over the top. Wear with a pair of jeans or khakis.

Step 7: Use your own wallet and pick up an extra-long laminated photo strip and insert pictures of eight kids (hey! They don’t have to be the Gosselin brood!) and carry it around.

Step 8: Pick up an inflatable doll and carry her around with you on your arm to make your “Kate” uber-angry!

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