How to make a Joan Jett/Runaways costume

The new bio-pic based on the all-female teenage band from the ’70s, The Runaways, is due to hit theatres March 19th, 2010. The band launched the careers of such rock icons as Cheri Curie (played by Dakota Fanning in the new film), Lita Ford, and most notably, Joan Jett (played by Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart. Best known for her cover of “I Love Rock n’ Roll,” “I Hate Myself For Loving You” and several other hits, Joan Jett’s career has spanned nearly three decades. In that time, her look has changed but still maintains a signature style. This costume tutorial reflects her early years with The Runaways before her solo career.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Black wig

* Scissors

* Fitted black t-shirt

* Black pleather pants

* Red Converse sneakers

* Black eyeliner pencil

* Liquid black eyeliner

* Studded bracelets

* Silver chain choker

* Guitar

* OPTIONAL – Leather jacket

##Putting together your Joan Jett/Runaways costume##

Step 1: Pick up a black wig in a shoulder-length style, preferably with bangs. If you can find one that already has Joan’s signature shaggy rockstar hairstyle, great! If not, follow Step 2 and cut your wig to mirror it.

Step 2: Grab your scissors and cut your black wig‘s hair at an angle. The best way to do this is to put it on and pick up pieces in 1″ wide sections and use the scissors to cut it at an angle, towards your face. Once you have it suitably rocker-choppy, take off the wig and add some shorter layers to the top part of the wig, put it back on and give it a good shake and hit it with a jolt of hairspray for a long, shaggy ‘do.

Step 3: Joan Jett’s makeup is very simple. She wears very little with the exception of dramatic, black eyeliner. Line the inside rims of your eyes with the black kohl eyeliner pencil, making sure to get it in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Line the outer bottom rim of your eyes and smudge. Then, take your black liquid eyeliner and draw a thin line on your upper lid. Careful not to open your eye until it dries or you’ll have a black “ring” on the upper part of your lid (which you don’t want!) Repeat on the other eye and you’re done!

Step 4: Put on Joan’s no-frills rock n’ roll uniform of a plain black fitted t-shirt and tight leather, pleather or vinyl pants.

Step 5: Put on a pair of red Converse high tops.

Step 6: Add some jewelry like studded bracelets and a silver chain choker around your neck.

Step 7: Put on a leather jacket if you have one, or just rock the t-shirt and roll up your sleeves, if you want.

Step 8: Grab your guitar and let everyone know that you don’t give a damn about your bad reputation!

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