How to make a Jasmine costume?

Jasmine, the Arabian Princess is perhaps one of the most popular characters every year. If you want to reap the rewards of making your own costume this year or a costume for your child then follow the instructions below to create Jasmine.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Material of any color, preferably a thin material such as silk, satin, or faux materials.
  • Black Wig
  • Gold bracelets
  • Gold Crown
  • Sandals


Jasmine is dressed in what we normally thing of as a harem costume. It is the two piece set with oversized pants. In these instructions we talk about the materials needed to create a costume and what is needed.

Step 1: The top of the costume is tight and meant to be short. It should be above the belly button, typically just above the mid section. The top will also have long sleeves to the elbow.

Step 2: The pants are baggy from the top of the legs to the ankles. At the ankles the pants become tight. You could add gold material here to close in the material. The waist should also be tight and below the belly button in a triangle point. This can also have a gold belt sewn onto the material for the waist.

Step 3: A belly button chain can be added if you wish, but Jasmine normally doesn’t have this type of adornment. She did have the gold bracelets around the wrists as well as the gold crown in her hair. The hair can be a long wig. You can also style hair on top of the head in a French twist or other design to place the crown in. The hair should be black as Jasmine’s was.

You can also add a body suit to the costume to make it warmer. The body suit should be a tan color offering the darker skin traditional of Arabia.

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