How to make a Jack in the Box costume?

A jack in the box is a great toy for children. It can also make a very interesting costume. If you want something a bit different and unique the jack in the box will work. We have a couple of different ways to create the costume. We have a list of materials needed below, as well as instructions. You should also keep in mind the usual jack in the box has a clown pop out.

##Materials Needed:##

* Purple fabric

* Yellow fabric

* Clown makeup

* Clown wig

* Clown clothing

* Florist wire


Step 1: To begin you need the top half of the jack in the box. The clown costume can be made out of an old clown costume you’ve used in the past. You can also create one from scratch with a new shirt, wig, and other accessories. See our how to create a clown costume regarding more detailed instructions. Note that you should have clown makeup to paint your face, and a wig to cover your hair. A silly clown is best as a jack in the box is for children.

Step 2: The next step is creating the lower half of the costume. You can create the box in two ways. You can paint a cardboard box, and make sure it has enough room for you to walk around in. It can be difficult to sit in this type of box. Your other option, and the best one, is to use purple and yellow material. Create a square with florist wire for the top. Then have the fabric alternate sides and hang down your legs. You may need suspenders or something else to go over your shoulders. This will help hold the box up.

Step 3: On the side or the back you will want a handle.

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