How to make a Hulk Hogan costume

One of the biggest names in all of professional wrestling, Hulk Hogan made the jump to film and now reality television. As one of the co-hosts of “American Gladiators” and popping up on his daughter’s show, “Brooke Knows Best,” the Hulkster still keeps rolling along. Famed for his “24-inch pythons,” whatchu gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you, brother! A fairly simple costume to put together, you can find everything you need — except the muscles — to turn into Hulk Hogan this Halloween!

##Things you’ll need##

* yellow tank top


* plain black muscle shirt

* scissors

* iron-on transfer paper

* iron

* computer

* printer

* red or yellow sweatpants


* black jeans

* WWE Championship belt (optional)

* bald cap

* wig glue

* blonde wig or synthetic blonde hair bought in packages

* spirit gum

* yellow mustache

* boots

* yellow OR black bandana

* yellow and red feather boas OR black and white feather boas.

* sunglasses

##Putting your Hulk Hogan costume together##

Step 1: Choose whether you want to be vintage “red and yellow” Hulk Hogan, nWo Hogan, or his current incarnation. For Red and Yellow Hulk Hogan, you will need a yellow tank top and red or yellow sweats and a matching bandana. For the black/current version of Hogan, grab a black muscle shirt and a pair of black jeans from your closet. Add a black bandana and it’s pretty simple!

Step 2:

If you’re making the yellow version of a Hulk Hogan costume, hit the computer and find a scratchy-looking font

to print out “Hulkamania” in red on the iron-on transfer paper. Print one to fit on your tank top and another smaller version for your yellow bandana. Iron them on to your clothes.

Step 3: Start making your Hulk Hogan wig. If you’re feeling spunky, you can make your own wig with a bald cap and gluing a long “horseshoe” of hair around the midway point to simulate Hogan’s style. Glue with wig glue to the cap and make sure the blonde wig hair is straight and even, cut to shoulder length.

For less work, just wear the bandana over a shoulder-length straight blonde wig and no one will be the wiser!

Step 4: Apply Hulk Hogan’s signature “walrus-style” (or Paul Teuttle, Sr.-style) mustache with some spirit gum to your upper lip. Make sure the sides curve down around your mouth.

Step 5: Tie on your bandana over the wig or bald cap, lace up your wrestling boogs, and pick up your Championship belt to sling over your shoulder. Put on a pair of cool shades, and drape yourself in either yellow and red feather boas or black and white ones. Now you’re “A Real American”!

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