How to make a housewife costume?

The housewife costume might bring to mind June Cleaver or even more recently Peg Bundy, but there is still the typical housewife of the comedy set that makes for the perfect costume. We will offer materials as well as instructions for creating the Housewife costume. We have taken the typical housewife costume from television comedies.

##Things you will need:##

* Large housecoat

* Fuzzy slippers

* Hair curlers

* Fat suit

* PJ’s

* Chewing gum

* Pink nail polish

* Socks


Most of us have our own housecoats, but you may find that this just doesn’t fit the “ìHousewife”¬ù criteria needed for our typical comedic costume. Therefore, you may want to visit a thrift store to pick up the perfect housecoat. The perfect housecoat will be on the “ìwell loved”¬ù side and fit into your budget perfectly. Since we are going the comedic road it should also fit over the fat suit you will need to create or purchase.

To make a fat suit at home you just need to add a little padding to some oversized clothing. Once you have the perfect fat suit you will need to find PJ’s that fit. The PJ’s should also be rather worn. The typical housewife in this situation would normally have a nightgown, but PJ’s are warmer and can be as effective. The PJ outfit should be animal print or flowery. In fact most of the comedic housewife costumes offered a more outrageous appearance.

If your hair isn’t long enough for the curlers you will need to invest in a wig. The curlers can be in the front of the hair or over the entire head. They should be in the hair in a haphazard fashion, with tufts sticking out here and there.

Before you finish dressing for the evening costume party you will want to paint your nails. Your nails should be fairly long, in fact most of the housewives, we have in mind used fake press on nails. You can go this route or paint your own an electric pink.

After the nails have dried you will want to put on your socks. The socks should be slouchy so that they appear to fall down the leg. The fuzzy slippers will add the needed piece de resistance to your ensemble. Some “_ìhousewives”¬ù choose to go with the character fuzzy slippers, while others have chosen a more traditional slipper. The slippers should be just as worn as the rest of the costume. You may even have holes in the bottom treads to showcase.

Lastly pop in a bit of gum and start masticating loudly. There are other accessories that can apply, but we leave these to your imagination.

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