How to make a Harry Potter costume?

Harry Potter since the first book hit the shelves has been one of the most popular costumes at Halloween. It doesn’t matter whether you want to be the “ÀúBoy who lived’ or one of the other characters from the books there is plenty to choose from. Below we are going to give instructions on how to create the Harry Potter costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black robe (graduation robe)

* White dress shirt

* Tie

* Black dress slacks

* Black dress shoes

* Round rim glasses

* Stage makeup

* Stick or fake wand


Harry Potter is a guy with second hand clothing from his cousin. So the clothing should be a little large under the robe. The robes are worn to classes and at other times in the book, so it is an essential item to have on or carry with you. The robe being the most essential part next to the wand can be something you have at home or an old graduation robe that you have left over. An insignia with Hogwarts should be sewn on the breast of the cloak. It can also be Harry Potter’s house insignia if you like. You can find the insignia online or in stores. Online you can just print it off and attach it with pins.

The dress shoes just add to the costume being formal so don’t forget those. The main part of the costume is pretty easy to come by as you probably have most of it in your home. The rest is going to need to be found or created.

The glasses can be made out of wire you have lying around or you can find a cheap pair of fake glasses in a discount store. They should be round rims like in the book and movies.

The wand is made of wood so a stick from the backyard that you clean up is going to work out great for this accessory. The last item is painting a scar on the forehead. Harry Potter always has the lightning bolt scar.

The last thing to do is make sure you muss your hair up a little before going out. Harry can never keep his hair straight.

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