How to make a Hanukkah Harry Costume

“On, Moishe! On, Herschel! On, Shlomoe! Hanukkah Harry is here!” Hanukkah Harry is a character originated by comedian John Lovitz on Saturday Night Live in the 1980s. He frequently fills in for figures like Santa and the Easter Bunny when they are ailing, bringing toys to gentile girls and gentile boys, in addition to delivering gifts to Jewish girls and Jewish boys during the eight nights of Hanukkah!

Get into the Hanukkah spirit and extend good will across cultures and the religious spectrum by making your own Hanukkah Harry costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blue Santa hat

* Long grey beard

* Grey Eyebrows (can be cut from wig or trimmed from beard)

* Spirit gum

* Black suit

* White shirt

* Grey vest

* Black shoes

* Black nylon socks

* Blue scarf

* Menorrah OPTIONAL

* Dreidel OPTIONAL

##Dressing up as Hanukkah Harry##

Step 1: Pick up a Blue Santa Hat with a blue fabric trimmed in white faux fur in traditional Hanukkah colors.

Step 2: Put on a long, grey beard and mustache and adhere thick grey eyebrows with spirit gum.

Step 3: Get dressed up in your Hanukkah finest with a tasteful black suit with a long jacket, black pants, a white shirt, and grey vest.

Step 4: Drape a blue scarf around your neck to compliment your Hanukkah Harry hat.

Step 5: Put on some black nylon socks and black dress shoes.

Step 6: Carry some traditional symbols of Hanukkah with a menorrah or a dreidel. Shalom!

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