How to Make a Hannah Montana Costume

Hannah Montana is a teen heartthrob for many. Girls want to be her and if you want to make the costume rather than buy it for Halloween you have a couple of options. The instructions on how to make a great copy of Hannah Montana can be found below.

[b]Things You Will Need[/b]

– Blonde Wig

– Leggings

– Skirt

– Tee shirt

– Jacket

– Silver belt

– Knee high boots

– Microphone

– Fake jewelery


[b]Step 1:[/b] Choose the Hannah look you want. Hannah Montana is a fashionable dresser. She is often seen in leggings, a short skirt, and tee shirt with a jacket to complement the overall costume. Colors most seen are pink, red, blue, or black. Occasionally the outfits are mismatched. Watching a short segment of the show or using a computer to research her outfits can help.

[b]Step 2:[/b] the creation is easy. Your child should have most of the clothing listed above to make the costume once the outfit is decided.

[b]Step 3:[/b] This is the part where the accessories make the Hannah Montana costume. The clothing is not as important as the accessories. The silver belt on the skirt will add the glitter often seen in the costumes. The jewelery should be tasteful and match the clothing flash.

[b]Step 4:[/b] This is the additional of the blond wig if necessary. Hannah Montana hair is normally should length and straight with bangs.

[b]Step 5:[/b] The microphone is an important piece as Hannah Montana is a singer. You might have your child carry an MP3 player or Ipod playing hit songs by Hannah Montana to add to the effect.

[b]Step 6:[/b] Minor makeup should be added to put the glamour touch on the costume. Stay light on the makeup to enhance the eyes and cheekbones. Glitter lipstick is a nice touch.

[b]Step 7:[/b] The boots will be the last item added. Regular shoes can be worn if you do not have the knee high boots. The shoes should match the rest of the outfit.

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