How to make a Hagrid costume?

Hagrid is one of the best characters from Harry Potter. With his good nature and whimsical humor you can find a perfect costume in becoming Hagrid. Hagrid is a giant, and while we all can’t have the proper build we can at least attempt to create some of the physical appearance.

##What will you need?##

* Wig

* Beard

* Moustache

* Thick eyebrows

* Tunic

* Leather belt

* Brown pants

* Boots

* Trench coat


Step 1: Hagrid is a large man. The clothing you choose should hang loose so that you can have the belly and thicker shoulders created with padding. To begin with Hagrid you need brown pants and a light brown tunic. To help hold the padding in you will want a brown leather belt.

Step 2: Over the main part of the costume you will wear a brown trench coat. The coat should be to the knees or longer. You will also want to have a coat with many pockets. After all Hagrid is the keeper of the keys, so you will also need to have a bunch of keys and other accessories hidden in the pockets.

Step 3: The shoes you choose should be brown boots, but anything will suffice.

Step 4: The best part of the costume comes in the hair and wigs. Hagrid has hair to the shoulders that is pretty wild. You will need a wig to match. Most of Hagrid’s face is also covered. This means the wig should cover the ears and the beard with moustache should barely allow your lips to be seen. Your eye brows will need to be bushier as well.

The last part of the Hagrid costume will be an umbrella. The umbrella is his wand, hidden in an ordinary device since he is not allowed to do magic. By adding an umbrella you will be complete.

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