How to make a Gundam Wing Costume?

To create or make an anime costume you need to decide what character you want to be. There are hundreds of different anime to choose from. The Japanese keep creating more animation that becomes quite popular here in the US. For our purposes we are going to concentrate on Gundam Wing. Gundam Wing has been extremely popular as anime as well as the series before and after. In Gundam Wing you have five pilots who are trying to help bring peace. Hero is the top pilot throughout most of the series and therefore out choice for costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Green tank top

* Black biker shorts

* Brown wig

* Black tennis shoes

* Fake gun

* Wing Zero action figure


Step 1: The Gundams are really the main costume in the movies and show, however without having a lot of time or energy put into the costume it could be difficult to recreate the actual gundam. So for our purposes we will create the gundam pilot Hero Yeuy. Hero does have Gundam Wing Zero as his mode of transportation; therefore it is essential that you have at least a small action figure of the Zero Gundam. If you can find a larger one that is even better, but it doesn’t have to be life sized either!

Step 2: Creating the pilot for the Gundam is the next part in our how to. The pilot Hero dresses in pretty much the same outfit throughout the series. It is a green tank top and black biker shorts. These can be found anywhere and probably even in your closet.

Step 3: This is the accessories stage. You need a brown wig if your hair is not already brown. Then you will also need a fake weapon as Hero usually has a gun on him for combat purposes. To complete the outfit you need black tennis shoes.

As an addition to the outfit you can certainly add the flight suit. The flight suit should be black with a helmet. Any motorcycle outfit and helmet will work for this portion of the costume if you choose to have it. It will be warmer for the cold Halloween season, which might be necessary rather than the shorts and tank top choice.

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