How to make a Goldilocks costume?

Goldilocks from the three bears is a little girl. So that outfit you choose should have a little girls bent to it. You have several choices to use in creating the costume. In fact you probably have something that will work in your closet. The best outfit is a Dirndl, but as most of us don’t have one hanging around you can use other pieces to create the look.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* – Short yellow skirt or dress

* – Yellow bustier or tight fitting tank top

* – Yellow shoes

* – White tights

* – Blonde wig in ringlets

* – Basket


Step 1: The main part of the outfit is going to be the dress or skirt combination. The upper body should be encased in a bustier or corset style top. The top should have one inch shoulders and come into a rounded neck, v- neck, or square design. The skirt will need to be mid thigh. If you can find the appropriate hoop skirt or slips that would be great.

Step 2: Now that you have the main part of the costume let’s look at the accessories. The white tights will offer that little girl look and to top it off with yellow shoes you can complete the ensemble.

Step 3: Goldilocks got her name from the hair. She always has long blonde hair in ringlets. If you have blonde hair already you can just style it correctly or you can find a wig that is already in the correct styling.

Step 4: In some of the tales she carries a basket and in others she doesn’t. So if you have a basket you can add that to your overall appearance.

To make the outfit warmer you can add a cloak to the costume.

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