How to make a gangster costume?

A gangster is always going to be well dressed in a suit and dress shoes. Many gangsters will even have guns and facial hair to make them look more menacing. If you want to be a gangster this year there are a few things you will need to create the costume listed below along with instructions.

## What do you need? ##

* Pin stripped suit or any suit

* Black dress shoes

* Fake gun or fake machine gun

* Hat- fedora style

* Cigar (optional)

* Facial hair like a thin moustache

* Gold ring and thick gold chain

### Instructions ###

In most Hollywood movies the pin stripped suit is the stable of most gangster; however any business suit will work. The gangster is more about attitude rather than the suit so as long as it is a complete suit such as shirt, vest, jacket, tie, and pants you should be all right in that area of the costume. You will need cuff links on the shirt as well.

The shoes can be black or a multicolored affair. It is up to you and the type of dress shoes you already own. The shoes should be comfortable for walking in and polished to match the sophistication of the suit. Gangsters always look their best.

No gangster is complete without weapons. Machine guns or other style of fake gun in a holster will add to the costume. The guns should also be glassy such as a fake gold design if it is not an old fashioned style machine gun.

The hat is just another accessory that is typically seen in the movies. The fedora can be any black, white or whatever will match the suit. The hat should partially cover the face in a side tip. The cigar is optional, but another staple of most gangster movies.

Gold jewelery, like a thick chain around the neck and a gold ring, have also been used before in the movies. It is up to you to choose if you wish these gaudy additions.

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