How to make a Gambler costume?

From the old western movies comes the traditional picture of gamblers that we have in our heads. Of course we could look like every other tourist at Las Vegas in our regular clothes for Halloween, but what fun would that be. Below you will find instructions and materials needed for an old western style gambler costume.

##Things you will need:##

* Cowboy hat

* Dress pants

* Dress shirt

* Tie

* Vest

* Jacket

* Riding boots

* Cards


To get an idea of what the gambler really looks like from the old western movies you may want to find your favorite film or just refer to our site. We have some great pictures you can pattern your costume on if you don’t wish to purchase one.

The pants should be comfortable and dress style, but with a cowboy air to them. Often gray or tan was the appropriate colors in the films.

The jacket is really where most of the style comes from in the main part of the suit. The suit jacket will be mid thigh in length. Typically the pockets have black flaps, with a black collar, and black cuffs. The rest of the jacket will be grey.

The vest will need to match the suit in color, but it doesn’t have to be a plain vest. In fact something with an intricate pattern is more appropriate. Then all you have to do is make sure the tie is going to match. Once you have the pieces assembled you can start putting yourself together.

The riding boots typically will go under the pants rather than stuffing the pants in the riding boots as some do. Then cap your head with the cowboy hat you found and carry around your deck of cards.

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