How to make a Gabrielle Xena costume?

Xena is a character in a television show spun off from Hercules. If you want to dress as either Xena or one of the characters from the show you have plenty to choose from. Rather than give you instructions on how to create a Xena Warrior Princess costume, we have elected to offer one of the characters from Xena instead. Gabrielle is Xena’s side kick in the show and you might want to dress like her this year rather than the warrior princess. If you don’t want to purchase a costume you can follow our instructions.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Red orange skirt

* Brown halter top or sports bra

* Brown skirt

* Metal wrist bands

* Two leather arm bands

* Leather boots

* Blonde wig- short


Gabrielle is dressed in the same costume for most of the shows. There were some rare substitutions.

Step 1: You need to have a red orange skirt that reaches mid thigh. Over this skirt you will need to place a brown skirt. The brown shirt should be like a wrap. In fact you could use brown material for this instead. The brown layer should hang in the front and the back. The brown layer should be a little higher on the waist than the orange skirt, but still below the naval. On the brown skirt a brown leather belt should be used to hold it in place.

Step 2: The halter top or sport bra in brown will be extremely revealing. The shoulder straps should be thin. From the bra a belly chain should hand down.

Step 3: Two silver or metal wrist bands need to be in place. On both arms are two leather straps. A Celtic style necklace should also be present.

Step 4: The shoes are normally brown leather just below the knees. Often a dagger was placed in the boots and should be there for your costume.

Step 5: Gabrielle always had a wooden stick as her weapon. This staff should be part of your costume. Lastly Gabrielle either had short or long hair, so you will need a blonde to strawberry blonde wig.

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