How to make a Fruit costume?

We have in previous how to costumes offered a banana costume. In this article we will look at how to create a couple of fruit ideas. You have grapes, apple, pineapples, strawberries and any other type of fruit to choose from.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Red material

* Foam or stuffing

* Red leggings

* Green material

* Red long sleeve shirt

* Green pant suit

* Green ballons


The first thing you are going to create is an apply costume. To start you will need a red pant suit or leggings and a red long sleeve shirt. This will go underneath the actual apple. With scissors, apple pattern and a sewing machine you will take the red material to create the apple. Once the apple has been created with a way to step into it and places for your legs, you will need to add the foam or stuffing. This will give the apple its shape. The green material will be for the top as the branch the apple comes from. Red shoes and a brown hat will complete the ensemble.

In this next step we will help you create a grape costume. We have elected for a green grape, but you could also choose purple or red grapes. The pant suit will go on underneath the grapes. You should even have a green hat or brown for the stems. One the pant suit you are going to attach green balloons. These green balloons need to be blown up first with helium to last longer. They should be in a grape bunch on the clothing you are wearing. This means on all sides with a small area for your arms to move without knocking the balloons off. You can also sew the balloons on to the pant suit if you wish.

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