How to make a flight attendant costume?

If you want to go as a flight attendant this year, but don’t want to buy the costume you have a couple of options. In fact you could probably find most of what you need right in your own closet. In this section we are going to talk about the things you will need as well as instructions for how to make your own flight attendant costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Skirt or pants

* Matching jacket

* Matching shirt

* Necktie

* Matching hat to the outfit

* White gloves

* High heels or dress shoes


A flight attendant always has an employee outfit on. The costume they must wear is going to be specific to the airline they fly with. Therefore your costume will need some type of insignia, but it can be any type of suit. It is the accessories that will make it look like a flight attendant costume.

To start you will need a matching outfit. It can be a sexy outfit for a woman or even a pant suit for a woman. If you are male you will definitely need some type of suit. It can be anything already hanging in your closet as long as the pants or skirt match the jacket. For the sexy flight attendant the jacket should either button or zip up and that will be all you wear, except for under clothing of course. You don’t need a shirt with the sexy flight attendant outfit. The skirt should be fairly short in this case as well. Leather, cotton, silk or any material will work fine.

Once you have the clothing picked out you need to add the accessories. If you can find a hat to match or you have a hat then you should wear that. Your hair can be up or down depending on your desire. The neck tie can be a scarf that is tied around you in a simple knot.

The white gloves will give you that sophisticated look to go with the sexy outfit. The last piece to the Flight Attendant costume will be the shoes. They should match if possible the outfit. For a sexy costume the higher the heels the better.

As you can see most of the items will come from your closet. The last item you need is a patch or some type of pin denoting the airline you are with. This can be made up or something you found in a star for a dollar.

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