How to make a Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Costume

A great couple’s costume alongside her boyfriend and fellow vampire, Spike, Drusilla makes a great costume to wear on your own, too, for an elegant female vampire look. Slightly insane and just a touch psychic, Dru was known as one half of the “Sid and Nancy of the Undead” alongside her bloody beau. A lot of options can be had to creating a great DIY Drusilla costume.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Brown Victorian Wig


* A curling iron and hair-tie to pull back the top half of your hair and curl it in Drusilla’s style.

* Grey or black eyeshadow

* Pale foundation and makeup sponge

* Long, white short sleeved dress with an empire waist (See Josephine dress for an example.)


* Red brocade corset-style top

* Long black skirt

* Fake black nails with either white or red tips.

* Buffy prosthetic vampire appliance (OPTIONAL)

* Fangs

* Fake blood (OPTIONAL)

##Putting together your Drusilla costume##

Step 1: Apply a light bit of foundation to your face and lips with your makeup sponge for an unhealthy pallor like Drusilla’s.

Step 2: Put on some grey or black eyeshadow. Add a very light bit of it and blend well underneath your eyes and in the hollows of your cheeks for a more “emaciated” effect.

Step 3: Put on your brown Victorian wig OR style your hair like Drusilla’s. To do so, pull back the top part of it from your face and secure with a clip or elastic. Use your curling iron to curl the half-pony tail up top and just the ends of your own hair for a Victorian effect.

Step 4: Put on either your white Victorian dress or Drusilla’s more “modern” look with a red brocade corset-style top and long black skirt.

Step 5: Apply a set of black nails with white or red tips. An interesting character fact: Drusilla’s manicure often told of her state of health. The modified French manicure with a gothic touch showed her to be ill or injured when they were painted with white tips and healthy with red.

Step 6: OPTIONAL – If you want to “vamp out,” pick up a Buffy prosthetic vampire appliance to simulate the vampire face. If not, just add a pair of fake fangs and some (optional) fake blood.

Round up your Spike and prepare to take your mayhem to Sunnydale and beyond!

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