How to Make a Drag Queen Costume

One of the easiest costumes you can throw together to get a big reaction is a Drag Queen costume. Whether you’re playing it for campy laughs or high drama, stop being a drag and get in touch with your inner Uncle Miltie. Check out this tutorial on how to assemble a cheap and easy (“That’s what she said!”) drag queen costume that will make you the belle of the ball.

[b]Things You Need:[/b]

– A good (or big) wig

– Razor and shaving cream (optional)

– Flesh-toned makeup

– Makeup sponge (optional)

– Setting powder

– Eyebrow/eyeliner pencil

– Eyeshadow or glitter

– Blush

– False eyelashes and eyelash glue

– lipstick and lipliner

– Earrings (clip-on or pierced, depending on what you have to work with)

– An Ace Bandage

– Safety pins

– A pair of socks (or fake foam breasts)

– Jewelry (the gaudier the better!)

– Thrift store prom gown or evening wear (see tutorial for some fun ideas!)

– Shoes (optional)

– Pantyhose

– Feather boa

[b]Making your DIY Drag Queen costume[/b]

1. The first thing you’ll want to do is shave any stubble you may have for a clean make-up application. Or, if you’re playing the drag queen look for comedy, sometimes that five-o’clock shadow can work to your advantage.

2. Next, even out your complexion with some over-the-counter liquid foundation that matches your own skin tone. Don’t be afraid to ask your mom, sister, girlfriend, or female friends for some help in this department! Apply it with your fingers or a makeup sponge. Don’t forget to dab some color on your neck so you don’t have a “mask” of foundation that doesn’t blend elsewhere.

3. The liquid foundation will serve a dual purpose in covering up your eyebrows. Let’s face it, there’s a big difference between the finely arched eyebrows of a woman or a drag queen than the un-manscaped “guybrows” of most males. Rather than pluck or shave your eyebrows with potentially embarassing long-term results, use several layers of liquid foundation to cover up your eyebrows, or at least take some of the emphasis off of them. (Unless you’re going for a retro-Brooke Shields look.)

4. Apply some loose or pressed powder over your face and eyebrows to set the liquid foundation and give your skin a more natural, matte finish. Let set for a minute or so.

5. Draw a pair of pencil-thin eyebrows with your eyeliner pencil over your newly set foundation in either brown or black (depending on the color of wig you’re using).

6. Use the eyeliner pencil to line the inside rims and outer corners of your eyes to bring them out. Extend a small line from the outer corner of your eyes for a “catline” or “Cleopatra” effect.

7. Put on some eyeshadow. Go crazy! Pick out a few colors and even throw on a bit of glitter over them! The flashier the better!

8. Place your false eyelashes at your lash line. Go for a natural look or try out some of the overly exaggerated, oversized styles with glitter or multi-colored lash fibers. Some false eyelashes come with an adhesive backing that doesn’t require you to use lash glue. These pre-adhesive lashes will make your life A LOT easier, so opt for those if you can. Line the lashes up with the inner corner of your eyes and gently press down. Trim any excess on the end so you don’t have unsightly “hangage” on the ends. Bat those babies and work it, boy/girl!!

8. Grab your blush brush (or a bronzer) and suck in your cheeks. Apply the color to the hollows of your cheeks and blend. This will give the illusion of high, feminine cheekbones.

9. Lipstick. It’s not rocket science. But, if you’re like most guys with a thinner uppper lip, you’ll want to use a natural colored lip pencil to accentuate the bow of your upper lip and enlarge it to proportionately match your lower lip. Once you’ve lined your lips, apply your lipstick and your face is finished!

10. Here’s where things get fun! Grab an Ace bandage that you can wind around your chest. Instead of having to go shopping for a bra (which, let’s face it, is tough enough for girls to find a good one, let alone a guy!), this Ace bandage will comfortably hold your “falsies” in place for the evening.

11. Safety pin the Ace bandage comfortably around your chest. Roll up some socks or stuff your fake foam breasts into the Ace bandage to create the illusion of cleavage.

12. Hopefully, by this point, you’ll have a nice dress that you’ve picked up at the Thrift shop or an old prom dress of your Mom’s, sister’s, or friend. Chances are, there is a dress to suit your build. Larger women’s sizes work well even on men who are on the thin side, too. Older, ’80s prom dresses are usually loaded with sequins and other embellishments that are drag-tastic. You should have no problem finding some sequinned numbers at the thrift store or even gaudy, seafoam green taffeta creations.

13. Depending on how short or long your dress is, you may or may not need pantyhose. If it’s a long dress, you can forgo the pantyhose. (Speaking as a woman, those things are uncomfortable!) If it’s a shorter dress, you may have to suck it up and put on a pair. Or you can opt for a pair of large ladies thigh-highs that might be a bit more comfortable. If you’re feeling daring, go for fishnets! Or if you’re playing it for laughs, sometimes a pair of hairy men’s legs sticking out of a dress can work wonders!

14. If you’re a perfectionist, you’re probably going to want a good pair of high heels to complete your ensemble. If you can find a pair of high heels in a large enough women’s size to fit you, then good luck! Just make sure you practice walking in them or risk stumbling (and blisters!) at your big drag debut! If you’re wearing a long gown, you may be able to get away with wearing sneakers or boots underneath.

15. Now it’s time to put on your wig! Put that bad boy on and own your new look.

16. Toss a feather boa in a bright color over your shoulders for a finishing touch!

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