How to Make a Dr. Seuss Costume

Dr. Seuss has been around for several years. Each year more and more kids learn about Dr. Seuss and his loveable characters. You have heard of Horton Hears a Who, the Cat in the Hat, and his other characters. The most popular Dr. Seuss costume is always the Cat in the Hat. There are costumes you can purchase, but if you are on a budget, you might like our how to idea.

##Thing’s You’ll Need:##

* Red Fabric

* White Fabric

* Black Fabric

* Sewing Machine

* Pattern


Step 1: Making Dr. Seuss can be done with a couple of different methods. You can use what you have in the house whether it is from an old costume or you can make the costume from scratch. If you already have a black cat costume you might want to begin there. The materials listed above can be found through or Both are online sites that sell fabric in a variety of styles and colors. The fabric you buy should be fleece or plush to make it soft, warm, and very much like a cat.

Step 2: To begin from scratch you will need a black and white jumpsuit. The stomach of your cat costume should be a little rounded and white, with the rest of the jumpsuit black. Even a black pantsuit can be used for this. The costume should have long sleeves and have feet to go over your shoes. Do not forget the cat tail!

Step 3: After the body is created you can begin working on the face. You have two options. It can be a full face or you can create a hood with cat ears. Your hair should be covered unless you have black hair. Makeup can help you get the white face with whiskers if you elect against a full face mask.

Step 4: With the red material you need to create a bow tie. You also need to use the red and white fabric for the hat.

Step 5: The hat should be very tall with red and white fabric alternating. Use stiff fabric with bunting to keep the top hat appearance. The hat needs a white brim.

Step 6: Now all you need are some white gloves and you are ready to go out as Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss books and movies.

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