How to make a Dopey Seven Dwarfs costume

The Seven Dwarfs are Snow White‘s friends from the fairy tale and part of what makes the Disney film so entertaining. You have Dopey, Sleepy, Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, and Bashful. Perhaps the best of the Seven Dwarfs is Dopey with his large ears and over large costume. We will be describing how you can create your own Dopey costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Fake ears

* Purple hat

* Yellow coat

* Black belt

* Blue pants

* Brown leather shoes


Step 1: The main part of Dopey’s costume is the yellow coat. The coat you find should have long sleeves that fit loosely and will fall over your hands. The length of the coat should be touching the floor. There are buttons going down the front of the coat and a turtle neck style collar. You can create your own coat if you wish. Just make sure that it is overly large in every aspect. It should also part from the waist down to make walking easier.

Step 2: The blue pants are going to be a little baggy and hidden for the most part underneath the coat.

Step 3: To keep the pants up and the coat closed a black belt with a gold buckle should be around the waist over the top of the coat.

Step 4: The shoes should be brown leather or any brown shoe you can find. Moccasins that are plain may work well or boots.

Step 5: The purple hat should be large on your head. It should also be more like a wizard hat with a slightly pointed end, that will flop down. There are plenty of renaissance style hats that will fit this need.

Step 6: The last part will be adding the ears. The ears can either be enlarged with theatre putty or you can buy special ears in a toy shop.

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