How to make a Donatella Versace costume

One of the most flamboyant heads of a fashion house, Donatella Versace took over the House of Versace fashion label after her brother, Gianni, was tragically murdered over a decade ago. The very blonde, very tan Donatella and her thick, Italian accent has been famously lampooned on SNL played by Maya Rudolph.

You, too, can dress up as Ms. Versace with your own DIY costume. It may not be couture, but it sure is camp!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long blonde wig in a pin-straight style

* Self-tanner OR

* Brown cream makeup and White Cream Makeup

* Evening gown

* Fake lips OR

* Nude colored lipliner and lipstick

* Clear lipgloss

* Black eyeliner

* Mascara

* Dark grey eyeshadow

##Putting together your Donatella Versace costume##

Step 1: Slather on some self tanner for an overly bronzed look… Or, mix together brown cream makeup and white cream makeup for a less-semi permanent tan to acheive Donatella’s skintone and texture. Wait until your tanner or makeup dries to put on your evening gown to avoid any stains.

Step 2: Do up your lips with makeup to get the collagen-heavy pout Donatella usually sports. Put on either a pair of Fake Lips, or line your own mouth with a nude or pale pink liner and then add a coat of nude or pink lipstick. Exaggerate your lips and feel free to go outside of the lines to make them bigger. You can go the extra mile and add a product known as Lip Venom by DuWop, a clear gloss that contains topical plumping agents to give your lips the look of being temporarily boosted by collagen.

Step 3: Apply smudged black eyeliner, dark grey eyeshadow, and mascara or false eyelashes to complete the makeup portion of this costume.

Step 4: Zip up a classy, beaded evening gown and put on a pair of heels.

Step 5: Last, but certainly not least, put on a long, pin straight blonde wig to get Donatella’s iconic tresses. You will want a very long, very platinum wig to pull this off, contrasting nicely with your faux tan.

Step 6: Perfect your faux Italian accent and prepare to hug and kiss all you meet. Ciao, bella!

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