How to make a dinosaur costume?

Dinosaurs make great children’s costumes because children are learning about Dinosaurs in school. Most children enjoy learning about Dinosaurs and at least once in their lives want to be one for Halloween or other costume parties. If you need a costume idea for how to make the best Dinosaur you have come to the right place. We have the materials your need and instructions for you to follow.

##Things you will need:##

* Green material

* Dark green material

* Fake eyes

* Pattern

* Sewing machine


Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is locate a pattern for a Dinosaur costume. It is one of the harder costumes to make from scratch unless you have a pattern. The pattern will help you figure out the amount of material you need as well as how to cut out the material. You will need to have feet and hands to match the Dinosaur, which can be the hardest part. Once you find the pattern you can follow the instructions. Of course you don’t have to just leave the costume to the instructions. You can add your own ideas.

Step 2: Once you get the majority of the pattern cut out you can decide what colours you want to use or how you want to form certain parts of the body. For example you may use a T-Rex as your costume, which means you need shorter arms and a long thick tail. You may decide that you also want the head to be over your child’s as a mask rather than on top of the head. You have a lot of things you can do to modify the costume pattern to make it your own.

Just remember whatever you change should make sense for the Dinosaur. Sometimes a pink Dinosaur can be used rather than green or brown, but it is not a true representation.

Step 3: The fake eyes can be used if you don’t use your child’s head for the Dino head. In other words if the top of the costume is like a hat with a Dino head then you will need the fake eyes.

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