How to make a cupid costume?

Cupid is one of the favorite costumes of Valentine’s Day parties. After all it is Cupid who strikes with arrows of love. This year if you have a costume party to attend you might consider our idea for a Cupid costume. We have materials and instructions below on how to make the costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fabric

* Bow and arrow

* Red high heels

* Pink fabric

* Bells

* Pattern

* Sewing machine


Step 1: The first thing in making a cupid costume is securing a pattern for an outfit you like. Cupid has been seen in many costumes from the typical large diaper with bow and arrow to a sexier costume. The red fabric should be used to create a mini skirt and halter style top. Over the heart on your costume you should create a pink heart out of fabric. Then sew the heart on to your shirt.

Step 2: Out of the rest of the pink fabric you will need to make similar hearts. These hearts will be your symbols for shooting love on the unsuspecting party attendees. They are just an accessory to make the costume more fun.

Step 3: The shoes should be some form of red high heel. It is up to you and your closet to determine what will work the best.

Step 4: Lastly the bells we mentioned above can be used for jewellery such as a collar or bracelet to let love know you are ringing. Combine the costume with a bow and arrow and you are ready to share the joy of love for Valentine’s Day with your other party members.

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