How to make a Crystal Bowersox (American Idol) costume

Crystal Bowersox is one of the finalists on Season 9 of American Idol. The single mother from Ohio is known for her powerhouse vocals and dreadlock hairstyle. Dress up as this Cinderella story Idol with this quick costume tutorial. You may not be able to sing like Crystal, but you can get her look:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blonde Dread wig OR Straight blonde wig

* Scissors

* Hair wax

* Blue jeans

* Beat up acoustic guitar

* Guitar strap

* Turquoise necklace or natural stone jewelry

* Tank top

* Corduroy jacket

* Magnetic piercing

##Putting together your Crystal Bowersox (American Idol) costume##

Step 1: Pick up a blonde, dreadlock wig. If you can’t find one in a blonde style, pick up a straight blonde wig in a honey colored hue. Follow Step 2 and Step 3 below to learn how to dread your own wig!

Step 2: Take your straight blonde wig and put it on. It may go quicker if you have a friend help you out. Comb part of your wig forward and cut long, sideswept bangs like the kind Crystal sports that will frame your face. Leave those alone and dread the rest of your wig.

Step 3: Take 1″ sections of your wig and begin twisting the hair over itself and around. This will make a thick, almost rope-like pattern with the hair. While you’re twisting, add a bit of hair wax to your thumb and forefinger to give the hair texture so it looks “piecey” like Crystal’s hair. Repeat this until most of your wig has a rope-like texture to it, with the exception of a few strands and the long, sideswept bangs in the front. You can also coat each “dread” of your wig with a blast of hairspray to hold it in place even more.

Step 4: Put on a pair of blue jeans and maybe a cool, fabric belt.

Step 5: Put on a tank top and a corduroy jacket in an Earth-toned color.

Step 6: Add some natural stone jewelry to your outfit. Turquoise stones look great with this sort of look and Crystal has worn those in the past, too.

Step 7: Swing on a beat-up looking acoustic guitar or pick up a prop guitar. You can “weather” it a bit with some sandpaper and even acrylic paint to simulate a more rugged look. Accessorize it with a woven guitar strap in a Native American-style pattern.

Step 8: Add the finishing touch with a magnetic piercing, placed above the chin and inside the lower lip for a labret piercing.

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