How to make a cowgirl costume?

Cowgirls are extremely popular as Halloween costumes. There are even some real “Àúcowgirls’ out there that dress as we will describe below all the time. These outfits for the cowgirl come from Rodeos, Ranches, and mostly the western style dress. We have a list of items you will need and then instructions to create your cowgirl costume.

##Things You Need:##

* Blue jean skirt

* Cowboy boots

* Dress shirt

* Handkerchief

* Cowboy hat

* Gloves


Step 1: To create the cowgirl outfit you have to have the right style clothing. The shirt is the toughest part of the costume for many. You can purchase shirts for women in the western style or you can make your own. Many of the shirts will be filled with patterns, but there are some plain white shirts or blue checker with red collar. Once you find the shirt all you need is the skirt and the main part of the costume will be complete. The blue jean skirt can be long or short that is up to you. The skirt should have frills on the bottom of the material, and be hip hugging tight.

Step 2: To complete the ensemble you are creating you will want to tie a handkerchief around your neck or use it as a hair decoration. You can also do both.

Step 3: The final pieces are the hat, boots, and gloves to make yourself into a real Cowgirl. You also have one other option to add to your costume. Many of the cowgirls have belts with large belt buckles on them. These belts are made of leather. You can add this to your costume because you will be tucking in the shirt for the Cowgirl look.

There are other options for the Cowgirl, but this is the simplest and usually best option.

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