How to make a Comet Reindeer costume?

Comet is one of Santa’s eight reindeer. This year if you need a party costume or a costume for a play you might consider being Comet. Comet from the “_ìSanta Claus”¬ù movie was quite the glutton when it came to candy. In fact in the movie Comet became too fat to fly home after all the candy he ate. To separate Comet from the pack we have a few tips to make the costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Brown fabric

* Sewing machine

* Pattern

* Antlers

* Black gloves

* Black shoes

* Candy canes

* Jingle bell collar

* Rope or twine


1. To begin creating Comet you will need a pattern for a deer body. The deer body will require a tail so remember to create the tail based on the pattern. Velcro for the back of the costume should be used to seal it up. The main body is fairly easy to create, and if you want to make the costume from the movie you might have Comet weigh just a bit more with some stuffing.

2. After the main part of the costume is created you need to begin adding accessories. Don’t forget to paint your nose black, and add the reindeer antler headband. Before placing the antlers on your head, glue some candy canes on them.

3. Around your neck you will make a trough leftover from the brown fabric. Use the twine to secure it. The sack should be filled with candy like chocolate so you have plenty of food for the evening. You may also want a cup of eggnog to wash down the food.

4. The bells can be for your hands or neck depending on what is comfortable, the collar should denote Comets name.

5. Then add the black gloves and shoes and you are ready to travel at light speed to your party.

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