How to make a Coal costume?

Coal is definitely a Christmas option when it comes to costumes. We are always teasing children that if they don’t behave they will get a lump of coal in their stocking. So this year if you want something different you might want to try the Christmas coal bag costume. We have materials you will need and instructions below to help you create the perfect costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fabric

* Gold string

* Black fabric


Step 1: To begin you need to make a life sized red bag. This bag should actually be for your body. In other words you are the coal bag with little chunks to give out to the bad children. So the first thing you need to do is cut out the material for the bag. Then sew it together. You will then need to make holes for your legs to fit throw so that you can walk around. On the front of the bag you might want to stitch Marry Christmas or some other saying that is related to the holiday.

Step 2: The gold string will be routed through the top of the bag, which should rest just below your arms. The drawstring will hold the bag in place to prevent it from falling down.

Step 3: Now that the bag is complete you will need to work on the lumps of coal. These will be made out of black fabric. You can have lumps of coal to carry around in your hands or fashion them so that your bag looks like it is overflowing with the lumps of coal you have to distribute. In fact having both options may be the best option for your Christmas Coal costume.

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