How to make a Claire Littleton from LOST costume

Claire Littleton was the sweet, Australian young woman who crashed with the survivors of Oceanic 815. She was also 9 months pregnant and ended up giving birth on the island. Her baby was taken by the infamous “Others” and she later finds out that Jack is her long-“Lost” brother! Claire also goes a bit nutty after drinking UnLocke’s Kool Aid, a right-hand woman to the vessel for “The Man in Black.”

##Things You’ll Need##

* Curly blonde wig

* Pregnant belly or Fake padded belly

* Tank top

* Bucket hat

* Comfortable skirt

* Flip flops

* Shotgun

##Putting together your Claire Littleton from LOST costume##

Step 1: Put on a long, blonde curly wig — depending on if you want to be “normal Claire” from the island’s early days or “crazy Claire” from later episodes, you may want to make your wig frizzier or more flowing.

Step 2: Put on a padded belly or fake pregnant belly to wear beneath your tank top.

Step 3: Put on a tank top and comfortable stretchy skirt.

Step 4: Put on a bucket hat (for sun protection!)

Step 5: Slide on a pair of flip flops — and practice your “pregnant waddle” when walking through the island sand!

Step 6: If you’re going to be “crazy Claire,” picking up a toy shotgun is a great prop for this costume.

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