How to make a Chuck Bass Gossip Girl costume

Chuck Bass is perhaps one of the most fashion-forward men on television today. As the business-minded, womanizing, tragic teen hero of “Gossip Girl,” the perennially purple clad tycoon is played by Ed Westwick. While Chuck’s wardrobe has been toned down a bit since the show’s first season, you can still relive the glory days of this Bass-hole at his finest. Pair up with a Blair Waldorf costume-clad gal pal for a dynamic couple’s look!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Hair gel

* Pastel button down shirt preferably purple

* Purple tie — Can be a regular tie or a bow tie

* Pastel colored suit

* White shoes — depending on how pastel your suit is. If it’s a darker shade of purple, go with basic black!

* Martini glass

* Scarf

##Putting together your Chuck Bass Gossip Girl costume##

Step 1: Slick your hair back or with a side part with some hair gel. Chuck Bass’s hair has evolved slightly over the years, but it almost always perfectly in place.

Step 2: Time to go shopping! You can get designer-look suits and shirts on the cheap from either a thrift store, consignment shop, or even places like Marshalls, A.J. Wright, or TJ Maxx near you.

Step 3: Pick up a pastel button down shirt. Coordinate your look with a matching bow tie or regular long tie. If you can, see if the tie has a matching pocket handkerchief for a more dapper dandy look.

Step 4: Put on a pastel or purple suit that you picked up at a discount store.

Step 5: Step into a pair of white shoes, or even a black pair if you have a dark purple ensemble.

Step 6: It’s all about the accessories with Chuck Bass!! Drape a scarf around your neck. It may be hard to find his red, white, and navy checkerboard scarf from Season 1, but a knock off will suffice. Ditto for draping a purple or unique looking pastel scarf around your neck, too.

Step 7: Grab a martini glass and fill it with your clear beverage of choice. Chuck’s not neccessarily of legal drinking age, so you may not want to follow his example if you’re under 21! Add a few olives to your clear beverage on a toothpick for a Dirty Martini looking drink.

Step 8: The ultimate Chuck Bass accessory is “The Pout.” Purse your lips whenever you’re not speaking. Your mouth MUST be in a perpetual state of pout. When you speak, do it slowly and in a monotone speaking voice. Remember… You’re Chuck Bass… And they’re not!

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