How to make a Christmas costume?

Christmas is often a time to celebrate and attend costume parties. This year if you are looking for a new costume you might want to consider some of the ideas we have here. These costume ideas will bring the spirit of Christmas to the forefront for you. To give you a couple of ideas we have a Princess Christmas costume, Caplet Set, Vixen, Christmas tree, and even Christmas Coal. Depending on how silly you want to be you will have a wide range to choose from. To better help you create these costumes we have a few suggestions on materials, as well as instructions on how to create some of them.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fabric

* Cotton balls

* Black fabric

* Devil horns

* Collars

* Green fabric

* Fake ornaments

* Elf shoes


The materials listed are just a few of the items you might need depending on the Christmas costume you want to have. After all you could always create your own Santa and Mrs. Santa if other ideas aren’t to you taste. One Christmas costume we will describe is the bag of coal.

Coal requires black material for the lumps of coal you will have in the bag. You should create the lumps as well as other pieces for the coal bag. The coal bag itself will be in red. You should also have drawstrings on the bag in order to act like it can be closed. The bag will fit over most of your body, with places for your legs and arms. You should dress in full red pantsuit as well.

For a tree costume you need green fabric. Then you will want silver, red, or even white for the garland. Lastly you will need to add some fake ornaments like red, blue, and even brown. The ornaments can be round, square, or actual animals.

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