How to make a Christmas Carol Costume?

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is one of the most popular stories during the Christmas holiday. It is all about saving one’s self from the path they are on by giving to others. This year if you want to spread a little good cheer we have plenty of options for you. You have Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Carollers, Scrooge’s Nephew, and others like Tiny Tim’s family. In this costume we will take a look at one of the Christmas Caroller costumes you might wear for the story.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fabric

* White fabric

* Old fashioned shoes

* Pattern

* Sewing machine

* Book of carols


Step 1: The main part of the Christmas Caroller costume will be a red dress. This red dress will need to be patterned after the 1800’s, which is the time frame the book was written. The dress should have long sleeves and come to about the ankles. Traditionally the carollers from the novel are more peasants, and therefore the dress shouldn’t look new.

Step 2: To finish the dress you need a white apron. This can be found or made from the white material. It should be a half apron wrapping around the waist only.

Step 3: The shoes need to be old fashioned boots if you can find them. Then you add the book of carols and you can be ready to go.

Step 4: Additional thoughts- if you will be outside for your holiday party you might consider a cloak in either black or red materials to accompany the carolling look. You can also have a bonnet or other hat in the Christmas style to complete your carolling outfit.

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