How to make a child lamb costume

During the Christmas holidays many children take part in the Christmas story regarding the birth of Jesus. This year if you need a costume idea for your child or if they have already been chosen to be a lamb you might need a little guidance in making the costume. We have materials and instructions below to help you create your child lamb costume.

##Materials Needed:##

* White fleece or cotton fabric

* Tan fleece or cotton fabric

* Pattern

* Sewing machine


Step 1: Since most of us don’t have lamb skin lying around you will have to visit a fabric store to find something that is very similar. Typically the lamb fabric will be fleece or cotton with a ruffled look to it, rather than just a flat piece of fabric. Since lambs tend to have very curly hair you need to find something in that general description. Once you get both the materials you need you can begin to create your lamb. By using a pattern you can get the feet, hands, main part of the costume, and hood all made with relative ease.

Step 2: The hood should wrap around the chin and have long ears. You can use the tan material to offset the white head for the inner ears, and even use the tan materials on the feet and hands.

By using a pattern you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your lamb child created.

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