How to make a chef costume?

Chefs come in all shapes and sizes. There are several positions in the kitchen for chefs, but the best is the executive as they are the boss. This year if you want to be the boss of a kitchen then you might want to create your own costume. Below are details on how to create a Chef costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* – Gray cotton slacks

* – White chef jacket

* – Chef hat

* – Black shoes

* – Fake knife

* – Food


Step 1: In the first step you will need to dress in the gray cotton slacks. You can probably find some chef’s pants at a local second hand store or if you have gray pants use those. You will also need to dress with a tee shirt. Any tee shirt will do.

Step 2: Adding the chef jacket is an important step. You can have your name or the company logo on the jacket. Again you can usually find these jackets in a second hand store. They should button down the front with an overlap. Generally the collar will hang loose in a pleasing appearance.

Step 3: In a kitchen a chef either wears a hair net or a hat. To make sure everyone knows you are the Executive Chef you should have the proper hat. Your hat will be tall and cylindrical. In fact it should be the tallest hat in the kitchen. Most chef hats are made of paper, but there are some cotton hats as well.

Step 4: The fake food and fake knife can be carried to show you are working, but they are not necessary. These items are just added accessories for fun.

The shoes should be black, but they can be any style as long as they are closed toed shoes to fit with the kitchen image you have created.

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