How to make a Cheerleader Costume?

Cheerleaders have always been a fascinating costume for Halloween. This year if you wish to be a Cheerleader you have several options to choose from. You can be a zombie cheerleader, vampire cheerleader, a cheerleader from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or just take a cheerleading outfit made from your school colors.

##Items You’ll Need:##

* Short skirt

* Leotard

* Tights

* Hightop shoes or running shoes

* Mid waist sweater or shirt, with long sleeves

* Pomp pomps

* Face paint


Step 1: The first thing you need to do is color coordinate the items listed above. You need to decide what two colors you will make your cheerleading outfit from. For our purposes we will go with red and black as the school colors. These can of course change at your preference or the outfit you have hanging in your closet. The shirt and shirt should match and be in the black color. The skirt should just cover to your midthigh with the shirt or sweater just below your chest leaving the belly button exposed. The shirt can have your school mascot on it if you wish.

Step 2: Underneath the skirt and shirt will be the red leotard. You should also have tights to match. If\ you can find a full body leotard; that will be even better for the costume.

Step 3: Before you put on the shoes which should be black you can add either red or black socks to have at your ankles.

Step 4: this will be the face and hair step. The hair can be in two ponytails or one at the back. You should have a matching hair piece to the pomp pomps to create the ponytail. The face paint will create the mascot of your school on your cheeks or offer the school colors in your own design.

Step 5: Grab your pomp pomps and head for the door you are now ready to cheer your way through the candy collection at Halloween!

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