How to make a Carrie costume

Before there was Carrie Bradshaw, there was Carrie White, the tormented telekinetic teen title character of Stephen King’s horror novel and the 1976 film of the same name. Sissy Spacek portrayed Carrie, a girl who hid her strange gift for moving objects with her mind from her zealous mother. A social pariah at her school, prom night was never the same when Carrie was crowned queen as a cruel joke by her classmates and doused with a bucket of pig’s blood. Let the fun begin with your own “Creepy Carrie” costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long blonde wig

* Red spray-in hair color

* Red spray paint

* Fake blood

* Pink prom dress

* Red cream makeup

* Bouquet of roses

* Tiara

##Putting together your Carrie costume##

Step 1: Head to a local thrift shop and pick up a plain, pink satin prom dress. You can also find a cheap pink dress on the clearance racks at a local teen clothing store post-prom season!

Step 2: Doctor up the prom dress with red spray, giving it a nice coating of fake “blood.” Don’t overspray your dress since you don’t want it to be stiff. Do it well in advance (a week to a few days prior) so your dress will be dry by the time you put it on!

Step 3: Apply red cream makeup to your face, arms, and any exposed skin. For a bloody look, take your fingers and apply a dollop of makeup to each one, streaking it down your face, arms, and chest. You want it to look like blood fell on you and not just a solid chunk of red. For a “wet” look, strategically smear some fake blood for a glistening sheen in parts of your makeup job for a realistic effect.

Step 4: Get a long blonde wig and streak it irregularly with red spray-in hair color to look as if you had a bucket of blood dumped on you. Put the wig on and place your tiara atop it for a bloody prom queen look!

Step 5: Grab a bouquet of bloody roses and get ready to be cruel to your school!

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