How to make a Care Bears Tender Heart Costume?

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, fun, and joy. This year if you have a party to attend with other couples in love you might consider a wide array of Valentine’s Day costumes. We have playboy bunnies, naughty French Maids, Sexy Nurses, and much more that will work for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes the costume is all about the company you keep or what couples costume makes the most sense. Even having Lancelot and Guinevere as a costume idea for couples will work great for Valentine’s Day. Since there are simple to many costumes to choose from we will just outline one type of costume below.

We have chosen the Care Bears Tender Heart Children’s costume. Children love to dress up whether it is a holiday or not. Choosing the Tender Heart Care Bear is just another way to help them dress for Valentine’s Day.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fabric

* White fabric

* Tan or orange fabric

* Pattern

* Sewing machine


Step 1: To begin you need a bear pattern for a child or infant. The bear pattern will come with the hood, body, and hands and feet design you need to make. The pattern will tell you if you need a zipper or Velcro. You will also need to pick up some thread.

Step 2: You will need to cut the orange or tan material per the pattern. This material will be used as the entire bear body from head to foot. If you can find a pattern with a bear face hood that will be best.

Step 3: After the main body of the bear has been created you can then add the trimmings. The white material will be used for the nose and tummy. The tummy will just be a white round piece of fabric that can be sewn on after the tan part of the costume is created.

Step 4: Lastly you will need to cut a heart out of the red fabric. The heart will go over the white fabric on the tummy. This is the Tender Heart symbol.

Keep in mind there are hundreds of other Valentine’s Day Costumes to choose from, and out Care Bear is just one.

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