How to make a Capt.Frank Lapidus from LOST costume

He’s earnest, he’s a pilot, and he’s got more chest hair than Widmore has C4. He’s Captain Frank Lapidus from “Lost”! He’s got conspiracy theories about the crash and bonds with the rest of the Lostaways when he finds himself on the island. The fate of Frank (and his awesome chest hair) is still undetermined as he wasn’t confirmed dead in the sunken submarine explosion that killed Sayid, Jin, and Sun. Take charge with a Frank Lapidus costume idea you can get behind:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Brown wavy wig

* Scissors

* Grey spray-in hair color

* Love Boat Captain Stubing shirt

* Spirit gum

* Black pants

* Dress shoes

* Fake blood

##Putting together your Capt. Frank Lapidus from LOST costume##

Step 1: Get the hair down pat. Frank Lapidus’ laid back hairstyle is the key to getting this costume down. Pick up a wavy brown wig and use your scissors to cut it in an appropriate style.

Step 2: Use your grey spray-in hair color to spritz the temples of your wig. Comb it back slightly so that the grey temple hair shows prominently.

Step 3: Use clippings from your wavy brown wig and apply them to your exposed chest area with spirit gum. Chances are, even if you do have chest hair, it may not be as fabulous and fluffy as Captain Frank’s.

Step 4: Spray your newly applied chest hair with a bit of your grey spray-in hair color.

Step 5: Put on a Love Boat Captain Stubing shirt with naval epaulets on the side. Make sure you leave the shirt unbuttoned at least half way to allow your chest hair to “breathe.”

Step 6: Put on a pair of black pants and black dress shoes.

Step 7: Add a bit of fake blood to your forehead and smear some of it on your shirt. Somehow, Frank always manages to get bloody.

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