How to make a candy corn costume?

Candy corn is a yummy snack that most of us love to eat. If you want to represent your love for the candy or are looking for something a little less A- typical then you might want to try out our instructions for creating a candy corn costume. We have materials listed below as well to help you create the best costume. A candy corn costume works for just about anyone, children and adults. You could even have an entire family of candy corns!

##Things you will need:##

* Yellow material

* Orange material

* White material

* Sewing machine

* Orange tights

* Orange shoes


Step 1: To start the candy corn costume you need to decide how you want to wear it. Most candy corn costumes have a wide base with a hat as the conical shape. So you might want to determine where the bottom of your candy corn will start. The best place to start the base will be at the mid thigh. You can still walk in the costume, but you also have a wide enough base. The bottom of the candy corn will be the largest orange part.

Step 2: After the base you have a yellow, then orange, then yellow stripe on most of the candy corns. Of course sometimes you just have the orange, yellow, orange then white. You can make this part how you would like as long as it has the orange yellow, orange pattern. You can also make these stripes as small or large as possible as you sew them to the rest of the costume.

Step 3: Your next feat will be creating the conical hat. This is the white tip of the candy corn. You can have a bit of orange on the hat to show the delineation or you can make an entirely white cone. Your face and hair can also be candy corn coloured to match the rest of the costume. You might consider purchasing face make up and a wig.

Step 4: The last step is putting on orange tights before the actual costume is donned. Remember to make the orange base with leg holes as well. The orange shoes just keep the candy corn appearance.

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